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Anthony Arya & Sarah Grace

Anthony & Sarah's duet
on Anthony's Voice EP 

Listen to their Single!

Anthony Arya & Matt Jaffe

Anthony Arya and Marin-based singer/songwriter and rocker Matt Jaffe have teamed for some pretty incredible performances together joining forces in their shared lyrical prowess, musicianship on the guitar, and wonderfully tight harmonies. This duo is a force to be reckoned with.

Live Album:

Anthony Arya & Casey Wickstrom

Casey Wickstrom is a multi-instrumentalist and live looping artist, vocalist, music producer, writer, and film editor. The two songwriters and guitarists have collaborated for live shows where they perform their originals, duet classic tunes, and jam back-and-forth on guitar. Check out some of what they've done together below! 

Live Album:

Livestream Archive

Anthony Arya & Taylor Rae

Taylor Rae is a Santa Cruz-raised singer/songwriter that resides in Austin, TX. Taylor has a distinct style infusing acoustic folk, jazz R&B tinges and Anthony and Taylor's frequent collaborations have captivated audiences for years. Check out some of their collaborated performances below!

Live Album: