Anthony Arya – Singer / Guitarist / Songwriter



Anthony Arya is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Santa Cruz, California. In Fall 2018, at age 15, Anthony was on Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice. Shortly after he released his debut album Going To California, and his songs are regularly played on roots radio station KPIG. Arya’s music is rock with a touch of jazz and blues. Arya has performed hundreds of shows around the Bay Area and folks say you're likely to walk away humming one of his tunes for days after a performance. Fans are raving about Arya’s second album, The Road, which was released in May 2020 and is available at


In addition to his original music, Anthony has a jazz trio, Life is a Cabaret performing songs from the Great Gatsby era creating a unique Parisian-esque jazz experience. As an admirer of both the Grateful Dead and John Mayer, Anthony launched Chasing Ophelia—a group celebrating the spirit of the Grateful Dead. Chasing Ophelia adds slide guitar and saxophone to create a fresh approach to Dead tunes.


In 2019, the Santa Cruz NEXTies Awards named Arya “Under 18 Person of the Year.” In June 2020 Anthony Arya received the prestigious award of Presidential Scholar in the Arts awarded by the US Department of Education to 20 graduating high school seniors.

What People Are Saying... 


Adam Levine - Maroon 5 Frontman and NBC The Voice Coach

“It blows my mind,” he said after Arya played. “I’m telling you right now, your whole situation, the way you engage with an audience, the way you sing — you are so special, dude. People are gonna fall madly in love with how you do it.”


Ian Crombie - Executive Director of West Coast Songwriters for over 20 years, WCS is one of the most active music associations in the USA, offering more than 20 events per month.

"Anthony is beyond his years as a musician and artist. Such talent at such a young age - A must see artist!"


Harvey Mandel - Legendary guitar virtuoso, member of Canned Heat @ Woodstock, played with John Mayall and the Rolling Stones

“Anthony Arya has been singing and playing guitar with me this past year.. He has progressed into being a truly great member of The Harvey Mandel Band….”

Santa Cruz selected Anthony Arya for the Under 18 Person of the Year in the 2019 annual NEXTies awards celebrating members who most contribute to the community.