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Anthony Arya: Album Crowdfunding

The recording, production, & promotion of my 4th studio album, which will be live-tracked in San Francisco's historic Hyde Street Studios!

$15,210 USD

130 backers

101.40% of $15,000 goal

(updated daily)

The Fourth Album

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This is an invitation to support and pre-order my upcoming new album!! I am so proud of this collection of tunes and cannot wait to share them with you. Come with me on this journey. Check out the multiple ways you can contribute. 

Live-tracking an album is something I've wanted to do for a while. The band … all in one room ... cranking the album out just how it used to be. This fourth album will be tracked live at the historic and hallowed halls of Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. Producer Wally Heider's direction of Hyde Street Studios helped forge the classic California sound with Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Grateful Dead, CCR, and Jefferson Airplane (just to name a few). More recently in its newer era of ownership, Hyde Street has hosted legends Green Day, Chris Isaak, Dead Kennedys, and many more. I’ll be joining the ranks of artists who have recorded at Hyde Street.

How Will the Money Be Used!

Making an album is challenging and costly. Funds raised will be used to cover everything from studio time, audio engineering, and production costs. I’ve always wanted vinyl so we’re definitely sending this fourth album to the pressing plant! Other costs include distribution and artwork. I plan to heavily promote this record, including planning a tour, radio, and other promotion. 


I would like to thank all my fans for joining the crowd on this one - without you it wouldn’t be possible. 

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